What kind of strategic business advice is given?

From business proposal of start up to established international business’ re-branding, we help your success. We also research your target customers from your service and products in each target area and answering questions as well as to lead you to your goal to achieve.

What is global branding and localization? We would like to export.

Global branding is a business strategy to help a local brand to be recognized as global brand internationally. Localization is a method to customize and minimize cultural conflict of the global brand with the local culture where you export, deal or to set your business. For example, Starbucks  in Japan was a good example of the cultural conflict that has led the global brand for product localization. Originally, Starbucks from Seattle was just selling coffee like America when they entered to Japanese markets. It made a cultural conflict loss, because people there had a custom to enjoy coffee together with sweets or snacks. After strategic advice, sweets and snacks were added and made a great profit along with their original coffee. Also, sometimes re-branding  or re-naming can be advised, For example, when your original product name or ad campaign has had a strange meaning in the local language of exporting country. We also offer naming and copywriting service for your ads in your desired business deal destination(s).

We trade products between USA, UK, EU and Japan.  The cultures and languages are different to place magazine ads for each country. Can you help?

Yes, we help both globalization and localization. We have designed in 8 languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Do you design promotional materials, such as business website, ads, logo, cards and flyers?

Yes, we do design the website, logo, ads, flyers, leaflets, posters and even your company publication for worldwide distribution based on your business needs. We also create motion graphic and also edit video and audio for ads. We help to make your vision real.

Do you design multimedia, animated banner for pay per click campaign?

Yes, we design and help it from the concept, based on the most suitable business strategy and your target customers’ preference.

Our firm is multicultural internally and international externally. Could you advice and help our presentation to solve communication between internal management issue and external shareholders too?

Yes, we help your business growth with problem solving both internally and externally. We also design presentation materials for visual communication to reduce cultural conflict. The communication is a key of your success to deal with the multicultural work force. Motivation drive the workforce effectively and efficiently. We have even designed company team goods and the event to get people together and motivated to work.

Do you edit a promotional video?

Yes, we edit video for website, commercial and presentation. We also edit audio.

Do you offer photo sessions and photo retouch?

Yes, we have a photographer and photo retouch specialist who have taken photos for newspaper, magazines and websites

What is your privacy policy?

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